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The Science Behind Protein Supplements

The Science Behind Protein Supplements

Making up about 16% of the human body (by weight), protein is one of the most important nutrients in your diet. Many cellular processes in the human body use protein, including respiration and hormonal regulation. In athletics and bodybuilding, protein is especially important for its ability to build muscle and increase strength and stamina.

Immediately following resistance training or an intense aerobic workout, there is a 45-minute window wherein your body is most receptive to protein and carbohydrate digestion. Drinking a protein shake in this time period will result in the fastest absorption of these nutrients by your muscles, thus helping to repair and rebuild them faster and stronger. Using an effective training program, coupled with the immediate consumption of high-quality protein after your workouts, is a great way to start building muscle quickly.

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The reason this 45-minute window is such an effective time to take in protein is that your muscles are very sensitive to insulin in this timeframe. Glucose in forced into you muscle’s cells by insulin, so when your muscles are most sensitive to insulin they’re also the most receptive to both carbohydrates and protein. Insulin powers protein synthesis too, so the effect is to push your muscles into their most rapid growth rate right after working out.

Not consuming enough protein each day, on the other hand, causes the human body to break down muscles quickly for that much-needed nutrition. Glucose and fat are easily stored in the human body, but protein isn’t. This is why it’s so easy to lose muscle mass when dieting, but it’s relatively easy to keep on if you simply continue to get enough protein.

Studies show that it only takes about 24 hours of inadequate protein consumption before your body starts to “eat” its own muscles for nutrition. Protein supplements come in handy here as well, to ensure your body doesn’t enter “starvation mode” and begin reversing all the hard work you’ve done for the sake of body sculpting in the first place.

source :  The scoop on protein powder


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