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Protein Supplements – Don’t Overlook the Protein You Need

Protein Supplements – Don’t Overlook the Protein You Need

With protein being one of the three main ingredients in your diet, it is no surprise that protein supplements have become a staple in the bodybuilders’ diet. Not only are bodybuilders benefiting from protein supplements, but those looking to lose weight, increase performance or just to maintain their current level of fitness are looking for this as well.

One very important thing you must know about protein powder is the cholesterol level. The cholesterol in any given protein powder will tell you volumes about the quality of the protein. The lower the cholesterol value the higher the quality. You should be looking for the lowest cholesterol you can afford. It should be no shock to you that the more refined powder will be more expensive. The reason is that this protein is more easily absorbed into the blood stream, making it readily available for your muscles to rebuild them, but it costs the manufacturers a lot to get the powder into this form.

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How much protein do you need? Well to be quite honest it depends on your activity level. If you are trying to be an upper-echelon bodybuilder you will obviously need more than a person with no fitness goals. To put an actual number on your daily intake would best be left up to a nutritionist or dietitian.

You can run it by your doctor but keep in mind that less than 6% of medical doctors have any nutritional training beyond medical school. They will just tell you to moderate your intake anyway, on the other hand if you ask a professional trainer specializing in bodybuilding you may hear 300 grams per day is needed. However if you do want to ask your doctor don’t be surprised if they tell you .3 grams per pound of body weight is all you need. That is fine for the person who doesn’t exercise, but if you want to lose some fat you need protein to build muscle that will burn fat.

source :  Do you need protein shakes?


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