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A Profile Of Hoodia Gordonii

A Profile Of Hoodia Gordonii

People concerned about their overweight are looking for ways to reduce extra pounds almost anywhere. A new herb Hoodia Gordonii is grabbing the attention of the people these days. Though it has been used by the San tribes of Kalahari for centuries but it came to the attention of researchers before few years. After that the demand of Hoodia Gordonii became widespread and gradually it came in a form of Hoodia Gordonii Plus.

With the growing demand of Hoodia Gordonii people are eager to know the detailed information about this newly found herb. What makes it different from the other weight loss pills in the market? Here is a short profile of Hoodia Gordonii noted below;

  1. History – The San tribes or Bushmen are using Hoodia Gordonii plants for hundreds of years. The main purpose of consuming this plant is to stave hunger and thirst off for long hours, when they need to go for hunting expedition. This way they gets relieve from the feeling of hunger for the entire day and go on with their work without any disturbance.

The concept of bushman about using Hoodia Gordonii caught the attention of researchers and they started to work on the herb. In the period 1990’s, the council for Scientific and Industrial Research tried to find out the relationship between Hoodia Gordonii with the Bushmen. Finally they concluded that this herb reduces the weight of a person after consuming it by suppressing the appetite. They also successfully identified a special molecule named p57 from this herb that is vitally responsible to suppress the appetite and helps to lose weight.

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  1. Place of growth – Hoodia Gordonii is mainly found in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Since this area is hot enough it is assumed that Hoodia Gordonii is only grown in hot weather. Researchers have tried to plant this in other parts of the world but they failed to grow it. This is, in fact, not suitable to grow in our backyard, due to the water, humidity and other weather conditions.
  2. Shape – The Hoodia Gordonii plant looks like a cactus. It has purple colored flowers that take nearly five years to appear. Taste of Hoodia Gordonii is juicy but bitter.
  3. Function – The active ingredient of Hoodia plant is steroidal glycoside that is known as P57. The function of Hoodia is simple. The P57 component of Hoodia stimulates the nerve cell in the brain that is specifically related with the stomach. This tricks the brain by sending a message that our stomach is full, even when it is empty. By having this, a person tends to eat less food resulting in consumption of less calorie and able to lose weight in the process.

Since bushman are using this herb for centuries, they have not fallen in any physical problem yet. Manufacturing companies also claims that it is a harmless plant. However, if you want to take Hoodia Gordonii to reduce your weight it is recommended to do more research about this plant. Another point is to use pure Hoodia Gordonii for better result.

source : Hoodia gordonii


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