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Master Cleanse Pros and Cons

Master Cleanse Pros and Cons

Before you go on the lemonade diet you probably want to carefully weigh the Master Cleanse pros and cons. Every cleanse or diet has its benefits and drawbacks and the Master Cleanse is no different. The pros of course are the reason you want to go on the Master Cleanse in the first place. Many cleansers report improved health, great skin, lots of new energy and some decent weight loss as a result of spending at least 10 days doing the Master Cleanse.

Stanley Burroughs designed the Master Cleanse to be both the detoxification program and a reducing program, which is a fancy old-fashioned way of calling it a diet. Like any diet however you need to continue healthy eating habits if you expect to see your results stick with you.

But one of the cons of a program like the Master Cleanse is that you can gain the weight back pretty quickly if you slip back into your old eating habits, partially because the lemonade diet is so low in calories. Depending on how much of the Maple syrup you consume you can expect to get between 600 and 1200 cal per day. Mr. Burroughs allows for adjustments to the quantity of Maple syrup for those trying to lose weight, so you may be getting even fewer calories.

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If you consider the Master Cleanse a good way to kick start your new healthy diet however and you develop new habits, like eating fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, healthy lean meats, and minimal complex carbohydrates, then you’ll probably have a lot of success.

Now let’s talk about that increase energy that you can expect. There are both pros and cons of this expectation. The con is that you really won’t be feeling it right away. In fact, you may find that you feel sluggish and lethargic during the first few days of the cleanse.

This is a crucial time for many people who are doing the lemonade diet because this is when you are most likely to quit. Unfortunately one of the major cons of the Master Cleanse is that many people don’t succeed and sticking it out for the entire 10 days. However, if you can get through these first few days of feeling sort of crappy, then you should find that your energy level starts to soar and the final few days of the program are quite easy. During the early days of the cleanse your body is heavily detoxing and that is why you feel not so great.

Thankfully you can eliminate some of the cons of doing the Master Cleanse by being fully prepared for before you start. This means knowing what to expect, and being psychologically ready to cope, and having everything you need on hand, and getting rid of things that you don’t want around because of the temptation they represent. Some of my Master Cleanse tips should be able to help you get ready, but you also may want to look at Master Cleanse Secrets for additional ideas that can help you achieve success.

source :  What Is the Master Cleanse?


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