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The Diet to Go Menu

The Diet to Go Menu

When talking about the Diet to Go Menu, you’re actually talking about three different and complete meal plans that have various menus to go along with them. Each of these plans can be customized to meet the needs of your diet and lifestyle. You can even get help in customizing a plan that is the best for you by speaking to a staff professional. To find out more, visit the Diet to Go website. Most of the menus are posted online so you can look them over. But let’s go ahead and take a quick overview of what you can expect.

The Traditional diet meal plan comes with a 5 week menu of freshly prepared food without additives. Each meal is prepared in the chef managed kitchens of Diet to Go and then flash frozen to maintain peak freshness. With dishes such as Curried Shrimp, Meatball Fettucini, and Tuscan Boats, you’ll never have to sacrifice taste while losing or maintaining weight. These meals also come with everything you need such as rolls, fruits and other side items along with condiments.

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For people with vegetarian preferences, the Diet to Go kitchens has a menu that includes a quite decent variety of dishes, such as Portobello Lasagna, Ravioli, and Egg and Broccoli Pie. As with the Traditional diet meal plan, all side items and condiments are supplied with your meals. This is a healthy Lacto-Ovo style diet that vegetarians can enjoy while losing weight without being hungry.

The Diet to Go Low-Carb Plan offers you meals that have 30 net carbs each day. Their kitchens prepare such low-carb meals as Parmesan Chicken Wings, Cod Loin, and Portabello Lasagna for you to enjoy while losing the weight you need. As with the others, this menu comes with all needed side items and condiments. There’s never a reason for you to make last minute store trips for something to go with your meal, which in the long run will help you stick to the plan.

Diabetic people need to follow a very structured sort of diet which can be tiresome and bland. However, the chefs at Diet to Go have created healthy meals for the diabetic. Based on the American Diabetes Association Guidelines, Diet to Go offers a 1200 calorie meal plan that promises to satisfy the taste buds while keeping your weight where you need it to be. But it is probably still a good idea to double-check the menu with your own doctor to make sure the plan is right for your own personal needs.

As you can see, no matter what sort of menu you need to meet your dietary requirements as well as your taste preferences, Diet to Go has a meal plan to suit you. And if you don’t need a specific diet to follow, then their variety of plans will help make sure you don’t get bored with your diet. Just try a different menu. To place a Diet to Go order, or to just take a look at their menu options in detail, be sure to visit Diet-To-Go.



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