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Losing Belly Fat

Losing Belly Fat

A question many people ask when wishing to burn fat and tone up is “what is the Fastest method to rid belly fat?” Certainly, there is an answer to this question and yes there are methods to burn belly fat and weight in a reasonably short amount of time.

However, abdominal fat cannot just be targeted individually. Body fat usually burns off proportionally around our body which is good news if most of the fat on your figure resides around you midsection. This means that if you manage to burn 10lbs then your stomach will look noticeably reduced.

The surest way to lose belly fat is to adhere to a combined approach of dieting and exercise for a given period of time. Sounds cliché, I Know! However, there are no secrets or shortcuts to eliminate belly fat, there is only information that you may not have already known. That is why you may not have experienced much success with burning fat fast. So what is it going to take for you to witness noticeable improvements in terms of losing belly fat?

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Well, for example, if you have only 20lbs to lose then this would probably be achievable to lose in roughly a month to two months depending on how good your diet and exercise regime is and how well you stick to it. If you have a great exercise regime and diet then a healthy 5lbs loss of weight per week is achievable. What most people experience when dieting and exercising is a 1-2lbs lose for a few weeks, then up 2lbs another week and so on for a few months.

Personally, I think if you want to start Losing Belly Fat then you should go all out for about 4 weeks of solid training and exercise because naturally one tends to lose interest with strict dieting and exercising. After this 4 week period when all the bad habits of eating poorly and never working out are gone I would then make the dieting less extreme in terms of carbohydrate cutting, calorie deficits and tough workouts.

At this point onwards it really is just about a lifestyle change where you will happily eat the meals in your diet and won’t mind the less intense workouts. You can find even more great advice on losing the flab at for Losing Belly Fat, Gaining Muscle Mass and getting Ripped Abs.

source : 19 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science)


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