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How Much Sugar Should You Have in a Day?

How Much Sugar Should You Have in a Day?

When we look at what we eat there seems to be sugar in so many things. For many of us, having a sweet tooth doesn’t help in making sure we don’t overdo it with the sugar intake. There is nothing wrong with eating extra amounts on a special occasion, but it isn’t healthy on a regular basis.

It has been found that most of us eat at least 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. We don’t normally think about it like that. That is quite a bit more than what we really need to be consuming. For most of us we need to really only be consuming about 3-5 teaspoons a day, this is depending on the caloric intake you work with each day.

Some will look at the amount of sugar you eat in things like teaspoons, while others look at it in forms of grams, while others look at the overall percentage of the diet that it is. You need to find the way that works for you so that you will remember how to go about it yourself.

Where does all the sugar come in from? It is things like the drinks of Coke, frozen lemonades and Kool-Aid to the foods we eat like donuts, ice cream and cereals. And most of the time only having one of these eats up most of the sugar we are really suppose to be eating in a day. We also need to remember that there are foods that have natural sugars in them that are counted as well.

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So what is the difference? There are the natural sugars, called fructose, that are found naturally in things like pineapple, grapes and oranges to name a few. Then there are the sugars that are added during the manufacturing and even processing of foods. These would be things like what is added to frosted flakes, desserts and other foods that we may buy already made for us.

You can always control this by doing more of the fixing of food yourself and buying less of the readymade meals. This allows you to control the sugar portions that are added. Also watching our serving sizes can help in how much sugar we are taking in. There is a reason why things will say what a serving size is. The bigger the serving size the more sugar that is being eaten.

It isn’t wise to completely get rid of sugar, but it does need to be cut down considerably. Knowing what sugar can do to you will help you understand why it is important to really keep that level down. Knowing how the sugar is in the food can also make a difference. Knowing there will be sugar in some of the natural food you eat is also something to remember.

source : Added Sugar


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