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A Low Cholesterol Diet Can Satisfy Your Taste

A Low Cholesterol Diet Can Satisfy Your Taste

Whether hardening of the arteries is a health issue or the LDL number is entirely too high, a low cholesterol diet can be achieved without making sacrifices in taste. The key is in eliminating those high cholesterol foods that are also high in saturated fats. This does not mean you need to sacrifice taste. There are many replacement foods or brands that have little to no saturated fat, yet still taste great.

If you live alone and tend to eat frequent frozen dinners, try replacing the usual choices with healthier brands, such as lean cuisine, healthy choice and many others that limit saturated fats. You do not have to necessarily skimp on deserts or the items you like.

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For those who enjoy cooking, try picking leaner cuts of meat and trim any fat off before preparation. This goes for chicken as well as beef and pork. Rather than using the fat from the meat to flavor the meal, try using broth instead. You may find that the meal is just as tasty, while also quite a bit healthier.

Rather than frying foods such as chicken, try roasting in a broiler or roaster oven. You will still have the benefits of great taste, though the fat will have dripped or fallen off the meat. If you have a rotisserie, this is a great way to roast meat while eliminating fat. Taking the skin off the chicken prior to cooking is recommended, as any remaining fat is clearly visible and can be removed.

Along with the reduction in saturated fats, you can increase your intake of fiber, which lessens the time food spends in your system and keeps the bloodstream from absorbing more fat. You can also try eating plenty of raw vegetables or take a product with plant sterols, which will lower your LDL and increase the HDL or good cholesterol.

source : 21 Low-Cholesterol Snacks for a Heart-Healthy Diet


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