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Healthy Foods for Constipation Remedies

Healthy Foods for Constipation Remedies

Adults and children can become constipated. Just like other health problems, constipation cannot only be remedied by over the counter drugs as there are better alternative constipation remedies are much safer than taking pills or laxatives. These natural remedies are proven to be more effective than taking medications which can have adverse effect to your body when you become too dependent on it. So, below I have listed some foods which will help you by giving you a mild body cleanse.

Prunes are natural laxatives that can encourage bowel movement on a regular basis. Prunes are rich in iron and can be mixed with a bowl of oatmeal which is also known to soften stools because of its fiber content.

Persimmon is another constipation buster that you should include in your diet. It is as equally nutritious as apples. You can eat two to three persimmons everyday as this contains calcium, fiber, potassium, sodium and serves as natural colon cleansers.

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Apples are also high in fiber and can be included in your daily meal. You can either eat an apple in without peeling the skin or you can also make an apple juice out of it. Apples also improve defecation by softening the feces and helping your colon remove fecal matters naturally.

Another fruit that reduces the occurrence of constipation is grapes. Eat one or two pounds of it to eliminate impurities from your body. Grapes also contain vitamins and minerals, fiber and manganese that can increase your body’s defenses against diseases. It is also a great laxative to people who are frequently suffering from constipation.

You can prevent constipation by keeping track of what you ingest. Make sure that you have a well-balanced meal and stay away from processed food as this can be the number one culprit of toxic build up. Always include fiber in your diet and watch what you eat. Some foods can really be deceiving. Fast foods may seem to look good on the outside but very unhealthy on the inside. Remember that aside from forms, you also need substance to keep your body healthy.

There are several foods to help constipation that are available in the market. When you shop for food, make sure that fruits and vegetables are present. Your children should also have sensible diet. See to it that you cook healthy food for them so they too can ward off constipation. A healthy lifestyle and good eating habits can protect your family from having serious health problems in the future.

source : Which foods are good for constipation?


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