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Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review

Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review

Try Ultimate Colon CleanseEver since being won over by the Master Cleanse to the health benefits of doing an occasional detox cleanse, I’ve been looking for a plan that I can use to do a colon cleanse without having to spend two weeks fasting. I’ve tried doing the Psyllium and Bentonite clay shakes, but let’s be honest. The P&B shake works, but it sure doesn’t taste all that great and it can get a little tough gagging it down several times a day.

After reading some messageboard posts about it on CureZone, I decided to try the Ultimate Colon Cleanse by Organica. This turned out to be a better solution for me than making my own homemade colon cleanse recipes because it meant that I didn’t have to drink the psyllium and clay drink anymore. But it actually has some other benefits as well that I think make it the best solution for cleansing your colon.

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Firstly, it isn’t just one product. The Ultimate Colon Cleanse is a whole kit and in addition to colon cleansing, it is designed to help with parasites as well. There are three parts to the Ultimate Colon Cleanse kit:

Internal cleansing fiber- to be mixed with water or juice. The taste is mild and you only drink it once a day
Anti-Parasite Support capsules – four caplets taken each day
Nighttime Cleansing tea – one cup of herbal tea before bed to help get toxins moving

Right now, Organica is also including their Ultimate Probiotics Formula as a bonus and I highly recommend using a Probiotic in any case, but there’s is particularly good so you might as well take advantage of getting it for free with your order. Probiotics will restore the healthy bacteria in your gut after the colon cleanse clears you out.

It took me about a week or so to really start feeling any kind of difference, but after about a month or so, I could see a big improvement in my health. I’ve had some skin problems clear up, and my bloating and gas issues are gone. This was something that was driving me crazy and making it hard for me to stick to a healthy eating plan because of the frustration. I also have a lot more energy now and my IBS is a lot calmer. No more explosive diarrhea. Hopefully this will last!

It was easy to stick to the Ultimate Colon Cleanse too because you only have to take the fiber drink once a day. One drink and the anti-parasite capsules in the morning and then the herbal tea before bed is pretty easy. Also, you technically don’t need to change your diet to get some benefit out of the Ultimate Colon Cleanse, but I strongly recommend that if you want to see the best results, you’ll change your diet, at least for the duration of the cleanse. Cut as much white flour and sugar as you can, all fried and fatty foods, and focus on fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouts and legumes.

source : Super Colon Cleanse


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